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Griz Cards A Liability For Business Owners

The new smart chip technology designed to stop credit and debit card fraud is missing from UM’s Griz Cards. Businesses had an October first deadline to move to the new system or else become liable for any fraud. UMoney, that students upload to their Griz Cards, presents a risk to local merchants. They don’t comply with the new system.

“The day I got blown up is the first day that comes to mind.”

Tylor Willis

Tylor Willis was a Corporal E-4 who served with the U.S. Marines in Afghanistan in the Battle of Sangin. He was awarded a Purple Heart. While in combat, he wondered how life could be different. Maybe he could worry about passing or failing a test “instead of getting my head shot off.” Now he’s a business finance major at the University of Montana willing to tell his story.